Red Cover I

2022 Collage with printing proofs, red card, marbled paper on board with bookcloth (book cover) 732 x 257mm The artwork was made using a repurposed red book cover. The artwork falls part of my investigation into merging the craft of bookbinding with my fine art practice. Looking at how the waste materials of bookbinding can… Continue reading Red Cover I

Green Boi

2022 Drum Leaf Bound Artist book with 12 pages of collages and drawings. 256 x 95 x 18mm “Green Boi” was an artist book made from individual colleges and drawings made on Grape pulp paper. The drawings were made using a letter rolodex stamp to build up tones and textures. The book tells a non-narrative… Continue reading Green Boi

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Book as an Object

2020. Artist Book. Bookcloth, test prints, mull. 15 x 21cm  Over the years de Beer’s practice has been about celebrating and exploring the objectivity of a book and the use of text as a visual form. “Book As An Object” is a documentation of that exploration. The artist book is made up of prints made… Continue reading Book as an Object

Cat Pop-up Book

2018. Drypoints with black card and Buckram . Edition of 3. 17 x 12 x 2cm Being a cat lover and owner, my two cats are so much a part of my daily life. Their mundane activates often become what I love most about them, the way they stretch, sleep, played or simply sat staring… Continue reading Cat Pop-up Book