Book as an Object


Artist Book. Bookcloth,

test prints, mull.

15 x 21cm

 Over the years de Beer’s practice has been about celebrating and exploring the objectivity of a book and the use of text as a visual form. “Book As An Object” is a documentation of that exploration. The artist book is made up of prints made between 2014 and 2020, materials used to make handbound books, bookcloth and mull, along with abstract ink drawings and text. These materials come together to form a narrative that speaks about the objectivity of books. The objectivity with regards to their physical texture is shown in the collage prints of book covers, the use of bookcloth and mull and paper. As well as a book written language. Most of the text within the book has been abstracted, this represents the broken coding of written language. A visual tool that de Beer used to represent her dyslexic experience.  In creating this visually the words become abstracted in a way that they no longer appear as something the reader can decode, but rather now a visual form to be enjoyed.  As part of her practice, de Beer is also a bookmaker and paper engineer. This is represented within the narrative of the artist book by making use of bookbinding materials and creating pop-up’s on some of the pages of the book; further playing to the objectivity of books.

“To me you will always be more than paper, board and cloth. More than words on a page. You are more than just book.” 

This artwork was part of the Artist Book exhibition at The Project Space and is now part of their permanent collection.

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