Mapping My Way To The Rock



Edition of 8.

20 x 20cm

The theme eco-longing made me immediately think of spaces I miss being in.  Within this print, I took that language of mapping and abstractly contracted an aerial view of my true eco-longing space “The Black Rock”, a unique landscape in the Namibian desert just west of where I spent so much of my childhood, Wlotzkasbaken. I have not been able to travel there for over a decade. I miss this landscape and its ability to bring my soul to ease. Where in its nothingness it is full of so much life, energy and soul. I have always had an interest in maps and their visual systems of navigating and depicting spaces. Using aquatints, I was able to abstractly play around with the mapping visual language and add rough textures to emulate the rocks and landscape.

This print is part of The Printing Girls collection.