Book of the Trees



Edition of 1

30 x 42.8cm

This monotype was an exploration into the elements of bookbinding and printmaking that is given by Mother Nature, just as the paper is onto which we print and bind books. This is the use of Mull or Tarlatan. Used to whip up prints and to create backings for book spines. This loosely-woven, starched cotton thread is the backbone of many creative industries. Here I used it as a stencil that has liner elements similar to a ¾ book cover style lines cut out to emulate a well-used and somewhat over-used book cover. Along that line a circular cut out showing the books cover title. I then reductively drew into these spaces to make up the tile. Trees, with deeply spread roots. The book cover of the tress. When I think of Mother Nature I think of one of her greatest creations. Tress. This “book” is for her and the trees she has made and sacrificed to give us our creative tools.