Drypoint Aquatint,

100% Kozo Chine Colle.

Edition of 10.

28.5 x 21cm

As a dyslexic, I was given a range of tools to help me read. The print “visual-perceptual” is a representation of one of those tools. Visual perception refers to the brain’s ability to make sense of what the eyes see. One of the aspects that can affect the brain’s ability to do so is “visual-stress”. To lessen this I was given a coloured sheet of transparency to lay over text while reading, in my case that colour was blue or pink. The aim behind this was to lessen the black and white contrast making it easier to focus on what is written. “Visual-perceptual” has been made to echo that sense of visual stress, where words are blurred and become hardly reconcilable. The viewer is then able to experience the shift in “visual-stress”. And equally as seen in the print, as much as the colour transparency help me focus, it was still difficult for me to decipher the text, and to make sense of what was written. (The text seen in the print has been taken from a dictionary extract of “dyslexia”)

This print was showcased in David Krut Project’s group show Kind of Blue in 2019. 

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