BAFA Final Exhibition, 2015

Download full Strephosymbolia Catalogue here.

There is a middle ground that exists within language, between the formal visual aspects of language and the idea that it conveys, an empty space that isn’t interrogated. This middle ground allows for the perception of language to be altered. Strephosymbolia- creatively transforms that middle ground by the use of particular print processes, altering both the physical form and the concepts those words then carry. Letters are essentially abstract arbitrary forms; lines and marks that make up words and thus symbolically point to concepts. When re-examining language through a dyslexic perspective, restores the integrity of the underlying essence of language as a visual form. Dyslexics are arguably conceptual thinkers in that they are afforded the ability to see and create new concepts by reflexively disrupting convention. Such imperfections allow for the creating of an alternative language discourse.