Set Type



Letter Press Print on Paper

Edition of 4

27 x 19cm


The work was created using a letterpress and set type. The type is set so that it will be printed backwards and so the letters don’t sit on the same line. This makes the words harder to understand and read.  The work was created during de Beer’s BAFA final exhibition in 2015. This print work like many on the exhibition was a representation of her dyslexic experience. The main concept that de Beer explored was that through her dyslexic experience words often carried no coded meaning, but rather that they existed as abstract visual forms. It is though the work that de Beer highlights a form of dyslexic experience where the words are backwards and “float” on different levels. It creates an abstracted sentence that reads “Language of coded significance that underpins conventional written language”. The sentence further aims to distort the ideas of conventional written language. 

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